The Cure (14 Days)

1 2 3 Weight loss solution

A Specially Designed Pack to Support Quick Weight Loss


  1.  Active phase

  2.  Transition phase

  3.  Maintenance phase

Including great tasting high-protein and hypocaloric products, this pack causes an energetic deficiency forcing the body to use its stored fat to function. Thanks to this 14-day program, individuals will lose from 2 to 4 kilos (5 to 8 pounds) during the first week and from 1.5 to 2 kilos (3 to 5 pounds) during the following weeks. The combination of soups, oatmeal, bars and beverages promotes weight loss without feeling hungry or tired.

The 14-day program pack contains the following items:14 DAY CASE Quick weight loss

42 pouches and 14 protein bars
Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (7 pouches of 25g)
Beef Vegetables Soup Mix (7 pouches of 25g)
Chocolate Pudding Mix (6 pouches of 24g)
Honey Nut Soy Cereals (6 pouches of 25g)
Tropical Fruit Drink (6 pouches of 30ml)
Cocoa Hot Drink Mix (7 pouches of 24g)
Spaghettini with Bolognese Sauce Mix (3 pouches of 40g)
Peanut Butter Smooth Caramel Crisp Bars (7 bars of 43g)
Supreme Caramel Bar (7 bars of 41g)

Includes multivitamins and a guide to support you during the 14 days.