Inovacure’s Method

Inovacure, a Method that Works!

Inovacure’s specialists designed a simple and effective method to support quick weight loss and to help you to gain back healthy and balanced eating habits and to greatly reduce cellulite. This method is based on a high-quality protein intake in a daily diet.


Inovacure deals eating problems at their source are. We encourage habit change, we believe in client education and we lay great importance on the relationship with food. We aim at long-term results while suggesting practical and easy-to-integrate solutions in your daily routine.

A Simple Principle

Inovacure relies on a method that has been used for around 30 years called the “protein diet”. It consists on creating an energetic deficiency while reducing the caloric intake, which forces your body to use fat as its source of energy. As soon as you stop eating, your body is looking for a new energy source to feed on.

Three choices are then available:

1) Proteins
With Inovacure, your body receives an adequate amount of proteins to feed its muscular mass. It is then impossible for your body to use muscles as a source of energy.

2) Carbohydrates (glucose or sugar)
After 12 hours, a small amount of sugar stored in muscle, kidneys and liver cells in a form of glycogen is completely gone.

3) Fats
Given that muscles become unusable as a fuel and the small amount of sugar stored is already used, fats are the only fuel source available to the body.

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