Inovacure’s Scientific Research

A Nutritional Program Based on Scientific Evidence

Inovacure is a slimming nutritional program based on recognized scientific data and controlled by a strict protocol.

Inovacure is based on the “protein diet” principles, a known slimming method that has been well established in France for over 15 years. This method offers, among other things, the quickest results in the world, and is the safest when it is adequately followed.

The “protein diet'” basics were established around 40 years ago, by Dr George L. Blackburn’s research conducted at, the Harvard University’s Faculty of Medicine. Dr Blackburn’s work determined the exact protein amount a patient had to ingest during a diet in order to protect his muscular mass. The PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) method came out of this research in 1973.

In 1975, the protein diet appeared in Canada through physicians treating obesity.

Today, a number of European, American and Canadian physicians still prefer the protein diet to manage eating disorders. An extremely precise and strict protocol is followed.

Based on Dr Blackburn’s research results, the Inovacure method was designed by a team of experienced dieticians. The slimming program, which lasts 14 days, consists in ingesting a determined amount of highly digestible and organic proteins every day while ingesting vitamins and mineral salts to boost body functions.