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Testimony of Brent Stanley

My name is Brent Stanley. After a rail-skinny childhood, I always have been struggling with weight issues from adolescence to adulthood. I eat while stressed or  struggled  with something. Carbs and salty foods were my drugs of choice. In September of 2011, I weighted three hundred and fourteen pounds. I was wearing 3X size clothing and jeans in 46-inch waist. This is when I met Jeannie in Calgary and started Inovacure weight-loss program.

During the weight-loss process, I had some frustrations and I fell back a few times into my old habits for a day or two. But But slowly with the help of Jeannie and her staff, I was able to keep going with the program. After a few months, even if the rate of my weight loss was slowing down, I didn’t get discouraged. I was still making slow and steady progress.
 Over the past year, I lost over 105 pounds. I am not getting out of breath when going upstairs – I started an exercise program. Few weeks ago, I got so excited when I bought a new pair of khaki pants in 36-inch waist – slim fit. I haven’t worn that size of pants since high school.

People are amazed when they see me. Some people I know told me that I am too skinny but I don’t agree with what they say. My goal is to lose few more pounds and continue to exercise and gaining muscle mass.

All I can say is that I’m happy and I’m optimistic – I should have met Jeannie twenty years earlier. The Inovacure weight-loss program really works.

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