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Témoignage de Brent Stanley

My name is Brent Stanley. After a rail-skinny childhood, I struggled with weight issues from my teens through adulthood. When I’m stressed out, or struggling with something, I eat. Carbs and salty foods have been my drugs of choice. In September of 2011 I weighted three hundred and fourteen pounds. I was wearing 3-X clothing and 46 inch waist jeans. That’s when I met Jeannie in Calgary and started on the Inovacure program.

And sure, there were times when I got a bit frustrated, times when I fell back into old habits for a day or two. But slowly with Jeannie and her staff’s guidance, I kept at it. After a few months, when the rate of weight loss slowed down, I didn’t get discouraged. I kept making slow, steady progress.
Now a year later, I’ve lost over 105 pounds. I don’t get winded climbing up stairs anymore. I’ve started an exercise program. I did a mental happy dance a couple of weeks back, when I bought a pair of 36 inch khaki pants, SLIM FIT. I haven’t worn pants that size since high school.

People are amazed when they see me. I’ve even had a few people say they think I may be too skinny. I can’t agree with that. I’d like to lose a few more and keep up the exercise, maybe add some muscle.

I’m happy, I’m optimistic, and more than anything I wish I’d met Jeannie twenty years earlier. The Inovacure system works.

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