Scientific Evidence

A Nutritional Program Based on Scientific Evidence

Inovacure is a slimming nutritional program based on recognized scientific data and controlled by a strict protocol.

Inovacure is based on the main principles in the “protein diet” – a well-known slimming method that was established in France for over the past 15 years. This method delivers the world’s fastest results if it is followed adequately.

The “protein diet'” basics were established more than 30 years ago, thanks to research conducted by Dr George L. Blackburn of the Harvard Medical School. The work of Dr Blackburn determined the exact amount of protein intake is necessary during a protein diet to avoid any muscular mass loss. His work has led to the emergence to the PSMF
(Protein Sparing Modified Fast) diet in 1973 – the focus of Dr Blackburn’s PhD thesis .

In 1975, protein diet was introduced to Canada by physicians who treated obesity.

Today, many Canadian, American and European physicians prescribe dietary protein intake for their patients by following a rigorous and specific protocole.

Inovacure weight-loss method was updated by a team of Inovacure nutritionists based on the research made by Dr Blackburn. This 14-day slimming treatment works by providing a highly digestible and biologic value proteins with appropriate vitamins, mineral salts and others.