Invaluable Benefits

Rapid Weight Loss

One of the main benefits of the Inovacure treatment is that it encourages rapid weight loss; 2 to 4 kilos (5 to 9 pounds) during the first week, subsequent weeks from 1.5 to 2 kilos (3 to 5 pounds).

Appetite Suppressant

When you burn body fat, it releases energetic substances (ex: ketone bodies) into your bloodstream. These substances act as natural appetite suppressants, eliminating hunger after approximately 48 hours.

Amazing slimming powers

Due to its high-quality proteins, Inovacure will slim the body rapidly. Our client will notice a significant slimming of their waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. Also, their cellulite will reduce considerably. At last, the ideal method all women have dreamed about.

Superb Skin

Using the Inovacure treatment, the skin becomes supple and silky. The high biological protein value protects muscle mass, which will protect skin from sagging.

Protect Muscle Mass

Thanks to its high biological protein value, the Inovacure treatment offers complete protection to the muscles. Unlike many diets that actually lead to muscular breakdown, our treatment promotes healthy muscles. Above all else, our method burns fat while protecting muscle tissue.

Reversing the Effects of Time

Aging reduces your body’s capacity to synthesize proteins, including collagen, which are present in your skin, ligaments and connective tissues. This phenomenon creates wrinkles and results in joint stiffness. Our Anti-Aging Cocktail, which is collagen-based, reverses this effect.

Energy Boost

Fat-melting releases certain substances that provide a powerful energy boost.

Health Improvement

Inovacure’s functional foods improve the general health condition and can even prevent the appearance of certain diseases.