Business Philosophy

Inovacure – A Source of Passion

Message from the President

I have always been passionate about health and wellness. I love to share my experience and my training in psychotherapy, and most of all, to offer tools that will help people to achieve their full potential in terms of physical and psychological health.

Very early in my career, I understood that the link between body, spirit and soul was essential. This belief is part of my personal evolution  with regards to nutrition and emotional balance.

Thanks to this belief, our company is constantly looking to improve the nutritional quality of our products, and to invest in Research and Develop of information programs that promote an appropriate physical activity and a well-balanced diet. All of our contributors share our mission and apply this belief to their daily lives.

Global treatment for mind-body-spirit… This unique concept promotes health and wellness and it is a perfect solution for an exceptional fitness and rejuvenating experience.

I wish you all a wonderful experience!
Julie Radicioni