Why? And For Whom?

Inovacure: Why? And For Whom?

Inovacure’s protein supplements are designed for a wide variety of individuals and satisfy all sorts of nutritional needs.

People Wishing to Lose Weight

Inovacure is above all a nutritional formula designed to help people to lose unnecessary weight. Start our 14-day slimming program today: within the first week, you will lose 2 to 4 kilos (from 5 to 8 pounds).

Menopausal Women

During this transitional phase in a woman’s life, Inovacure products can contribute to prevent unwanted effects such as skin and hair changes, osteoporosis and muscle mass reduction.


Protein deficiencies, caused by various agents, speed up body aging. Inovacure products various, among other things, muscle recovery in elderly, 50% of whom are affected by undernutrition.

Children at Risk of Becoming Obese

Before reducing your children portion sizes, start by improving their diet and motivate them to be become a more active individual. Offer them healthy snack such as Inovacure products to prevent them from putting on weight.

Nutritional Sports Supplement

Inovacure products are an excellent daily protein supplement for sports enthusiasts.

Boost Your Energy or Concentration!

Amino acids are involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters (activators), optimizing brain function. Adequate intake of protein in the morning and calorie intake appropriately distributed among the meals consumed throughout the day will help you boost your vitality.

Healthy Snacks for All

Instead of snacking between meals, enjoy an Inovacure pouch, bar or cookie! A snack rich in proteins that will suppress your appetite for a long period of time and that will help you maintaining a healthy weight.